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Awesome Dating Advice From Author Tim Ferriss

Oct 11, 2011

I'm often asked which celebrities I think would be great with women. I try to think of the men I reckon would definitely get laid like crazy even if they had no fame, money or looks. I can only think of one or two.


One is author Tim Ferriss.


I've never met him. I've only seen (maybe) 20 minutes of him on YouTube. His monster bestseller, The 4 Hour Workweek is sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read. But, from what I've seen in those short videos I'd think Tim Ferris would still get plenty of action if he was ugly and unemployed. Possessing a degree of self-confidence that would make Muhammad Ali blush can go a long way with girls.


Here is some fantastic advice on improving your success with the ladies. In this 9 Minutes Interview with Neil Strauss, Tim Ferriss packs in so many great points. So, I've explained or expanded upon many of his great points for you.

0:53 - 'Diversify your identity'

Learn some skills, try new things, improve yourself.


1:22 - 'Date more than 1 girl'

Diversify your efforts. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Do not put all of your romantic and sexual hopes and energy into one girl.

Date lots of girls unapologetically until you are sure you've found one who is high quality monogamous girlfriend material. Don't settle! 98% of men give their freedom away far too early. Tim Ferris goes much further than I would by saying, 'be absolutely certain it's going somewhere definitive' before you hop on the monogamy train.


1:29 - 'Timing and environment more powerful than method'

Where you look is often more important than how you look. Don't go to the hardest places. So, where are the women you want to meet?


1:35 - 'I never go to clubs and bars to find a girl'

The 'hardest possible place to pick up a girl'. Bars and clubs are a really dumb place to meet women for 95% of guys.


2:10 - 'Don't go out with the sole purpose of finding girls'

This is needy and weird. Go out to have fun with your friends and the new people you meet. It seems obvious, but if you don't enjoy bars or clubs, do something else.


2:35 - 'Different events every night of the week'

The best way to start dating a lot is to constantly be doing things you really enjoy where there are likely to be attractive women present.


2:45 - ' If you send me a text, I'll send you the info'

Get her chasing you. She can take your number and pursue you. You might miss a few good prospects but if you're mainly looking for physical fun this method rapidly sorts out the girls who are:

a) really into you, and

b) actually up for it

from the women who want 3 dates or just some attention.


3:11 - 'Learn how to dance'

This is something I recommend to many clients after taking a Bootcamp. The ability to dance gives you a huge advantage over all other men, as Tim Ferris says. It is also superb training for touching girls (kino) and will help you get out of your analytical mind and more into your sensual side. These are two things most educated professional guys could certainly use help with!


4:20 - 'Find something cool you can actually enjoy'

You must be having FUN when trying to meet women or you won't get very far. Don't do things just to meet women because you'll come across as fake.


6:26 - '20-minute coffee dates'

Short sharp first dates work well, especially for busy professional guys. 'I gotta go now', turns the tables on attractive girls. You are not sexually needy. Not the 'nice guy' letting a date drag on and on, hoping you'll somehow score some sex while rapidly loosing your novelty and attractiveness to her.

20 minutes is a bit short for my liking for most of my clients, but certainly try keeping a 'getting to know you date' to around the 45-60 minute mark. Leave a short, sharp and great impression of yourself - hold her eye contact confidently, touch her a bit and leave her wanting more.


6:50 'I came clean with it completely'

He did not conceal his outsourced dating strategy.

Be completely honest. Don't bullshit or try to bluff girls. Women have way more social intuition than you do. For 95%+ of men, lying will rarely - if ever - work on well-adjusted women on or about your attractiveness level.

Be completely honest, even when it's mildly embarrassing. Really beautiful women have rarely had experienced guys who are completely and utterly honest with them. Nearly every guy is inauthentic and saying too much stuff to try to impress her. Honesty throws beautiful women, and can make them uber attracted to you.


8:20 - 'Subject line - "looking for a date" - the best internet dating subject line'

Simple and obvious is often the best in dating.


8:34 - 'All this stuff applies to guys as well'

The vast majority of what I teach applies in equally business and general socializing. Be a man.


8:42 - 'Get them investing in the process'

Don't go to much effort, let the girls go to a lot of effort. Many women get a big kick out of the whole dating, selecting outfits, and chatting with their friend's process. Once they've invested their time, money, energy or ego they will be less willing to resist or walk away when you start removing their clothing.


Also - note how Tim Ferris can be very funny, but he's certainly not waiting for laughs or approval.


I think this post, the video and the links I've included should help you get off to a flying start with the ladies.


They should help you to better understand women and the guys who are successful with them. But if you want substantial improvement you can only get that by taking ACTION.


Please make a quick list of the Top 3 things you've learned here that you are committed to actually applying.


And please follow through!