What People Are Saying

We’ve helped thousands of guys gain the confidence and
skill with women they always wanted. Hear what they have
to say about training with Social Coach.

Vlad, 40
Brisbane, Australia

“If I hadn’t done the Bootcamp I probably would have killed myself. It literally saved my life. Instead my business is booming and I’m dating a gorgeous, intelligent Dutch girl who is madly in love with me.”

“Training with James was great fun. You spend large amounts of time actually interacting with beautiful women. With James supervising, you approach over and over until it becomes comfortable and natural.”

Ben, 38
Sydney, Australia
Tatham, 27
Vancouver, Canada

“Since the Bootcamp I’ve made tons of new friends, networked my way into two dream jobs, dated three of the most attractive girls I’ve ever seen, and am now having threesomes with one of them and her friend.”

“It should be part of the school curriculum, I honestly believe that. It should be provided for males worldwide.”

Mark, 32
Personal Trainer
Sydney, Australia
Pete, 51
Sydney, Australia

“By training us with the Female Trainers you’ve made it so simple, anyone can do it. The world is my oyster now.”

“The Bootcamp is the ultimate course in building self confidence. It’s essential learning for every male, and it’s a lot of fun.”

Jeremy, 30
Business Owner
Sydney, Australia

“ How would I sum up the course? Probably the best investment in my career and personal life that I've ever made.”

James, 28
Sydney, Australia

“The quality of the women was just a massive change for me… Right now, I feel alive. So much more alive than I’ve felt since I was a child.”


Michael, 31
Sydney, Australia

“From being alone 80% of the time & seeing maybe 1 girl per year who was a six out of ten – to dating 4 beautiful, amazing girlfriends who are all professionals and eights and nines.”


Sacha, 36
Project Manager
Melbourne Australia
Peter, 46
Occupational Therapist
Brisbane, Australia

“Prior to Bootcamp I was insecure and nervous around women. I’m now dating an amazing 26 year old bi-sexual woman and have had more sex with more women in 18 months than I had in the previous 44 years.”

“It was like getting a PhD in women in a weekend. Since the Bootcamp I’ve got to where – even with a very busy schedule, not putting in a tonne effort – I’m sleeping with about a dozen attractive women every.”

Tap, 38
New York, USA
Rowan, 31
Perth, Australia

“It’s amazing how much your life begins to open up when success with women isn’t the main driving factor. I feel free to be who I want and explore so many different areas that I am passionate about.”

“ Very professional, very experienced, huge resources to draw on in terms of experience and understanding… Don’t think about can you afford to do it, can you afford not to do it?”

Mike, 52
Sydney, Australia
Clint, 32
Business Owner
Perth, Australia

“ The most amazing weekend of my life. This is the greatest gift you could ever give to a man..”