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How To Improve Your Eye Contact

Dec 20, 2011

The most subtle, powerful and sophisticated way to "hit on" a woman and communicate your romantic interest is just to shut up and hold her eye contact longer than is normally socially acceptable.

I hear so many theories and “techniques” about how to get a girl interested in you or how to trigger a great conversation or make an interaction sexual.

Some are OK, many just plain suck. But I believe 80% of these techniques are pretty much useless for any guy who can already maintain confident (and then sexual) eye contact.

The biggest single chunk of time spent on our Bootcamps is used to teach clients precisely how to use eye contact and touch, in drills and exercises with our beautiful Female Trainers.

So try this as an exercise: increase your eye contact in all conversations by 10%. Yes, even when you’re talking to men.

Let’s say you are currently holding eye contact about 30% of the time while talking directly to men and 40% of the time when you talk with women - which I’d guess this is about average for North Americans, Britsh and Australians.

Now, all you have to do is move that to 40% for the guys and 50% for the girls. Give this a go for the next week.

After 1 week of practice, anytime you speak to a woman you find attractive bump up the eye contact to 60%.

See if you notice a difference in women’s eagerness to hold a conversation with you. Some women may even start showing you romantic interest, even if you’ve done absolutely nothing at all to obviously hit on them. In fact, this happened to me just last night.

You see in “girl language” holding eye contact longer than is usually socially acceptable means “this guy is interested in me”.

If they choose to match your level of eye contact, then it’s possible they like you too and may be keen for you to ask them out at some point.

Anyway, another week later move your percentage eye contact held with women you find attractive to 70%.

Then to 80%.

If this is all going well then aim to reach 90-95% within a month.

Now, you might be scared of bad reactions. The great news is this “eye contact” method of hitting on girls is virtually harmless.

You’ll be able to tell really quickly whether she’s reciprocating. And, lets face it, what’s the worst thing that can happen to you?

She looks at her feet while you’re talking to her...

So what!? Just try again on the next attractive girl you come across! If for some crazy reason you’re still not getting any positive responses, maybe try dressing a little better and/or try to practice on slightly more average women.

Eye contact is arguably the most powerful social, romantic and sexual tool that exists. It is close to half of my total social, romantic and sexual arsenal. Same for many of my star students and virtually all the best ladies men I’ve met.

Take the time and effort to learn to use it well and you might not need that much else.