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Video: How To Handle Rejection Like A Man

Sep 11, 2015


Most men HATE the idea of being rejected.


The idea of plucking up the courage to walk over and try to talk to a beautiful woman, and then having her reject you, causes most men to feel sick to their stomach.


I once asked a handsome, 30 something stockbroker I was coaching to go approach a 110-pound young girl and he replied, “Well frankly, I’d much rather you asked me to go start a fight with the two 280lb bouncers standing beside her. That would be much less painful for me.”


If you’re one of those guys who HATES the idea of being rejected as much as my stockbroker client did, then I’ve got some great news for you!


But, before I get to the good news, please know that once you learn some basic touch, eye contact, body language and conversation skills you don’t actually get rejected that much.


Now the great news – for the odd occasion you do get rejected I’ve developed this technique to turn the tables on the women who’ve rejected you and actually get them attracted to you instead.


Yes, I said get the girls who just rejected you, attracted to you. And often the rest of the women in the room too.


I’ve had hot girls who initially rejected me stalk me all night after I pulled this trick on them.


I even applied this technique once with a professional model after she rejected me and we ended up dating for a couple weeks!


This video (featuring 2 of my model Female Trainers) shows you exactly how you can turn rejection into attraction.