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Private Training Review: From A 58 Year Old Dejected Loser To Juggling 10 Women - “My Life Changed Forever”

Nov 23, 2020

As a Clinical Psychologist, I can tell you this Training is the real deal.


I flew 25 hours from Nashville to Sydney.  Was it worth it?  The first day of training was the best day of my life! And the 4 days I spend with James and his team of Female Trainers was a mountain top experience.


Who knew at 58, I’d be doing better with women and feeling better about it than I did in my 20s or 30s or 40s?


There’s just so much to learn and adjust and frankly mate the biggest obstacle is your own clueless habits with women which James and his female Trainers methodically and radically identify and fix for you.


I was an Ivy-league educated engineer before psychology, so I'm a smart guy, and I'm a really good guy, both of which wrecked me for women.


I was too inhibited to reach out to the ones I really wanted and a big target for the manipulative ones.  My intelligence was a maze I was lost in.


Soon after working with James, I went from feeling like a dejected loser to juggling my interest in 10 women.  I wasn’t even a great student, but my life is forever changed.


My biggest regret is knowing about the training but not doing it sooner.


Don’t wait!  You’ll regret the time you lost like I do.  It’s your life that’s slipping away every year, get off the fucking sidelines, and live it.

James is not just a “pickup artist.”  He teaches you how to start a relationship that’s dynamic and sexual.  That kind of social intelligence requires more of you, brings you more benefit, and is respectful to women.  You’ll be able to get women to see you as the man who can give them what they want. He’ll teach you to become a better, more confident, and attractive version of the man you are.


James teaches but more than that he trains.  The distinction is important - you don't just get knowledge, you get experiences and feedback on what you need to do differently.  Now, the knowledge was incredible, but the application, real time, was beyond words for me.


It's amazing how a pretty girl changes everything I'm doing that I'm not even paying attention to (I don't think the same, my voice gets higher, etc.).


For the first time in my life, I got extensive feedback from a master and from his beautiful Female Trainers Coaches on how I was coming across.  I left with information that was clear and useful and so easy to apply.


James has techniques, but they aren't an end, they're a beginning.  The most important thing is these skills help you to be more the man you are, so being more successful with women and in life and business is just part of the deal.  Best things James ever said to me: Never change anything about yourself for a woman.

The women James hires are as smart and socially skilled as they are beautiful - exactly the kind of women you want to meet.


I can't recommend James Social Coach highly enough.  Don't waste more time. Get it handled.


By the way, when I started writing this testimonial, I was in the best relationship with the hottest woman of my life whom I was in love with and thought I’d marry.  Last week, I broke it off, because I knew I’d be happier without that relationship.  I am.


Know why? I’m never going to settle for a relationship that stops being what I want.


Importantly, James teaches you which women to avoid and why, and it became clear this relationship, while amazing initially, was no longer cutting it.


Breaking up with her was sad for a few hours, and then I realized I am ready to reach out to women again.  Even women with whom I blew it in the past because I’m not the same man and women are always smarter than we are, so I don’t have to tell them, they can feel it.


With James, pay close attention, and you’ll get so much more than you expect.  His dating training flows from a much bigger skill set - that now informs everything I do.  I’m not saying this lightly.  Yes, I started meeting and talking with attractive women before I got home from my flight, but what shocked me was how much more powerful and authentic I was at work.


The same dynamics that had limited my success with women were limiting my professional success.  What James taught me has revolutionized my business.


He even made me a far more effective therapist, especially with women.


Note from James: Stay tuned! He's currently writing up the Top 7 things he learned from Private Training, which we'll publish soon.