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Learn Natural Seduction - Watch This Movie

Oct 08, 2012

ʻSpreadʼ, starring Aston Kutcher, presents one of the best examples of a natural seducer I have seen on film. For ease of use, I have kept these notes roughly following the chronological order of the movie, rather than attempting to order them into sections or a narrative.

Watching this movie a couple of times whilst referring to these notes is a simple and efficient way to improve your understanding of how to seduce women.

Here are some key points (in bold) and quotes (in italics) from the movie:

The Only Good Pickup Line

‘There is only one pickup line, the rest is just cheese... Hi, whatʼs your name?’

Act playful and crazy while seducing a girl

‘Wind down the windows, crank the music up and make an ass out of yourself, it puts them at ease.’

You might be nervous before having sex with a girl for the first time, but consider things from her point of view.

You are around 60% larger than her and in her mind could potentially rape or even kill her and she has her ʻreputationʼ to worry about. No girl wants to be seen as a ʻslutʼ, particularly if she really likes you.

Add this to her body anxiety; comparing her “human” breasts, legs, bum, skin and face to the surgically enhanced, photoshopped, airbrushed models in Ralph or Vogue, let alone concerns about whether or not she is a good kisser, good in bed... the list goes on.

You must put her at ease. Do this with lots of fun positive energy. I once brought my  American professional model ex-girlfriend together with my current girlfriend for a two week holiday.  You cannot begin to imagine the amount of nervous energy between the 3 of us the first day or so.  So, I carried on like “an eight year old kid on a sugar high” to help calm things down a bit. I was rewarded by sharing my bed with these two naked beauties I adore, day after day.

Main Character Dresses To Be Noticed (in braces and scarves)

Dressing to attract attention is not really my thing (especially scarves in LA weather) but I must admit women really love a well chosen scarf on a man. Iʼve seen braces work well on some stylish guys too.

He Is Friends With Bouncers At A Local Bar 

This is obviously great social proof.

He Sees A Hot Girl He Knows In The Bar & Kisses Her Hello 

He does not say anything to her. This is cool. He is working the room and communicating on a non-verbal level.

This also sends a strong message to other women in the bar; this guy may have slept with this hot girl, she is looking for more of his attention but he is too busy, preoccupied or not that interested. A women’s interpretation, “He must be awesome. I want him”.

Don’t Give Away Too Much 

‘Never show how impressed you are, it lowers your market value.’ 

This is very good advice with super hot girls, models and daughters of the rich. Itʼs great to be impressed by stuff they have actually worked for, such as skills or talents - not stuff they were born with, like beauty, or born into, like wealth.

A Tip For First Time Sex

‘Give them a good f**ing, but not too good, you have to leave room for the relationship to grow.’

For guys who are already awesome in bed this is very important (certain Advanced Bootcamp graduates take note). If you have real skill in the bedroom you should reveal it slowly. Just like if you own great houses in New York, London, Beverly Hills, Aspen and the Caribbean, you donʼt tell her this when you first meet her. You let her find out over time.

The same goes for sex skills boys! Women correlate amazing sex to true love. The man who gives women their greatest orgasms is usually “the one”, even if his handsomeness, career, financial situation or education is not quite what she’d always dreamt about.

If you give women such overwhelming feelings too early, she will feel a huge imbalance of power in this new relationship and may do irrational, freaky and sometimes scary stuff.

I believe few women, particularly in the rich English speaking countries, have ever had great sex. They can go nuts the first time they get it. And not always in a good way.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

The main character is so playful, spinning women around and being silly. He is always goofing around.

Mr Serious always sleeps alone.

Start An ‘Argument’

‘Say something to piss them off to set up the apology, it makes you look like a sensitive guy.’

I agree with his thinking, but I do not teach nor think it is good karma to be “manufacturing” conflict or arguments. If your aims are purely casual sex and you have the ability to go out and get other girls then this is sound, although not particularly savory advice.

I believe women have 5-10 times the social intelligence of men, so I donʼt know how many guys could pull this off with attractive girls for long. Women tend to know when men are trying to manipulate them. The reason he gets away with it is he has vastly higher level social intelligence than the average guy. He is cool, extremely handsome, great in bed and obviously in high demand with the much older women and LA ʻparty girlsʼ heʼs targeting.

I much prefer Dale Carnegieʼs: when youʼre wrong, admit it quickly and emphatically.

In our culture a man who can is strong and honest enough to admit straight out he was wrong is very attractive to women.

The Tour

Offer girls a ʻtourʼ of your place to help close the deal. Always end it in the bedroom.

Call Her Back

‘Always follow up a meaningless f**k with a chatty phone call.’

It is just good manners, good sense and good karma. For many women, to have intercourse with a new man is a big thing emotionally and socially. So even if you donʼt really want to see her again, at least do her the service of a pleasant ʻthanks for last nightʼ call.

Even if you are so completely selfish and donʼt care about others it is just good sense. If you start to get the reputation of treating women badly it will get around.

Imagine you are out at your favorite bar and you see her again. Never forget ‘hell hath no fury as a woman scorned’. Do you want her telling other girls how appallingly you treated her or worse still, exaggerating how ‘hopeless’ you are as a lover or how small a penis you have?

I think you should go out and sleep with as many attractive, interesting girls as you possibly can, but please treat each and every one of them with respect and dignity. Do unto others as you’d have done to you.

Don’t Lie, Don’t React

He never reacts to abuse from women. I donʼt think he ever tries seriously to lie to them.

He takes all the abuse women can throw at him and he never fights back, or even tries to defend himself. If you want to be a man, and have sex with lots of beautiful women you must absorb their abuse. If they really like you a lot much of it will just be womenʼs tests anyway.

In a womanʼs mind, if you canʼt take her abuse, what hope do you ever have of being a great provider and protector to her and her offspring in the big bad world?

The character played by Anne Heche launches a viscous tirade on him about how hopeless and worthless he is, other than his pretty face. He understands women. He knows this abuse is not really about him. She is just venting her anger and hurt that he does not want to be with her, even after how generous and trusting she has been with him.

The Hug

He hugs women after they spew venom at him. This is a huge point; after Anne Heche’s character has finished screaming herself silly at him and he does not say anything, he merely takes her in his arms and hugs her. This is a real man! Note how one minute later she is running into the kitchen trying to stop him leaving by making him an omelet.

How To Pass Tests

Many of the female characters relentlessly test him. The easiest way I know to pass womenʼs tests is to never try to lie to them and to give them the best sex of their lives.

Women test to find guys’ weaknesses, insecurities and inauthenticities. In simple terms if she thinks you are not completely being yourself she will continue testing until she thinks sheʼs found the real you.

Please note, I am most certainly not endorsing the main character’s morals or lifestyle. I think he is pitiful and probably very unhappy. The cool handsome protagonistʼs whole life revolves around seducing and scamming women, but because of this experience he certainly understands women minds. He knows what women find attractive in a man. He knows precisely how much he can get away with, making him more attractive still.

My goal in life is to equip men, who havenʼt spent all their lives hanging around bars chasing tail, to have this level of skill and understanding of womenʼs minds.

As I say; ‘Getting good with women is a teachable skill... 

Being able to meet and seduce the women you want is easy when you know how. It requires a particular set of skills...

If you have these skills, you will be successful. If you donʼt you wonʼt.’

This vacuous rogue can help me, help you.

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