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How To Lead A Date Back To Your Bedroom

Aug 12, 2013


James: Hey how you doing? I'm James.

Natalie: Hi. Natalie.

James: Natalie, nice to meet you Natalie.

Natalie: Nice to meet you too.

James: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So anyway it's going well, I'm talking, looking to the side, looking to this side, I give her a little bit of attention, maybe for no reason at all, just a tiny bit. Then maybe she says something interesting and I touch and then I turn around a bit more like that and then start to hold more eye-contact, touch a little bit more like that.


She says something really interesting or starts talking about a topic I'm very interested in, “oh wow tell me more about that”, and I actually start to point towards her. And then after that I might reach over and touch her leg and then on another thing, she says something more interesting, come closer and then she'll turn around into me like that and then lots and lots of eye-contact, just hand resting basically permanently on her leg or on her shoulder. Depending on the couch my hand might want to creep up onto the shoulder so that I'm actually touching flesh and then at some point maybe get closer and closer and closer, as close as I can. As you've noted I'm barely actually touching her apart from there’s denim touching denim. So we're basically as close as we can get but we're not even touching.


So from here, lots of eye-contact there and now I might sort of move to stroking, take her hand like that, play with her fingers and interlock like that and then maybe stroke up and down the side of her neck, just so you can see I'm basically just doing this on the other side but it's ever so gentle that she might not even be aware of it and I'd start that by maybe starting there, stopping for a while, moving up and touching flesh, ever so gentle. Thank you.


And yeah, just talking to her and to get this I've got to get her to talk about stuff she's excited about so yeah, and that's it. And then basically from there smile, smile, look her in the eyes, hold the eye-contact for maybe ten seconds with silence, complete silence, then to her lips, back up to her eyes, a little embarrassed smile, trail down there. Then to bed.


And as that goes on at different points most girls will give you some resistance, it's probably just listen I'm not the S word, you know, or it's like you know I really like you but I want to see if you're a real man so I'm going to give you some curly ones to deal with. So you can see how that's how you go from, you know, a social conversation to walking to the bedroom type thing. And if you do all these stages or most of these stages and do them reasonably well, you know, her clothes come off no problem and she wants it more than you.


And again as I said to Sam, we're in Australia or America or England for that matter, most guys are retards. They can't talk to women unless they're drunk, they can't dress, they see an attractive woman and immediately they want to fuck her just because of her hair or her breasts or her lips or something. So if you walk up, get to know a woman and then seduce her in these tiny little stages which I've shown you and, you know, you bounce back from, you know, a couple of losses which you're going to get along the way, it's so easy, it's just so easy. Cool. Any questions?


And finally, find someone interesting and preferably sweet and feminine to seduce, it's just so much easier. Don't try to pretend you like a girl because she's hot or because she's got great tits or something, that's a very hard way to get sex and you're probably only going to have sex with her a few times anyway. It's probably not going to be very good sex so just find really interesting, intelligent women who you’d be friends with even if they were butt ugly and then they're really easy to have sex with.