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How To Greet A Woman On A Date

Aug 06, 2014


In this 90 second video my Female Trainer Anita and I show you a simple method to kick off your dates with a hell confident, sexy start. This method also doubles your chances of kissing and sleeping with a girl on your first date, and sometimes even gets her seducing you.




Hey! It’s James from Social Coach. I’m here today to teach you a technique that’s gonna let you establish a strong sexual and romantic connection right at the start of your date. This technique’s also going to massively increase the chances of your dates being fun, romantic, easy, and, most importantly of all, leading straight back to the bedroom.


You’ve probably been on a date with this girl, she’s the sweetest, most beautiful, most interesting girl you’ve met in ages, and you just got home from the date, and you know you’ve blown it really badly, and you’re probably just not going to see her again, certainly as a potential boyfriend or something. So often, this is because you never took the lead from the very beginning like a man. So here’s a clip from our 2014 student conference that I shot with our lovely female trainer, Anita, to make sure this never happens to you again.


James: She walks up for the date, and most guys are like, “Oh, hey! Good to see you! Yeah.”


Anita: Hi!


James: “Yeah, it’s really great you came. Have a seat,” type thing. That’s really lame. Really lame. What you want to do is you want to immediately re-establish the physical… the first stages of sexual connection. And the way you do that is something like this.


Oh, hey!


Anita: Hi!


James: (pulling Anita in to a hug) It’s so good to see you again. Hey. Grab a seat.


And then straightaway into conversation.


Did you see what I did there? So I gave her a big hug, and you might have seen that she started to pull away a bit, but I just held her in ever so gently. And what I did was a little tricky thing, when I started to synchronise our breathing – if that makes sense. And she stayed… and then I extended the hug another four, five seconds. And that created this little bit of… nowhere near sexual energy, but like nice energy between us. And then once I finished the hug, I went back and – I don’t know what I had – four, five seconds of really solid eye contact, holding her hands. So I immediately re-established a lot of physicality. Does that make sense?


So now you know – don’t ever start a date with some sexy woman with some lame-o kiss on the cheek ever again. And be sure, on your next date, to just quickly watch this video again on your iPhone just before you greet her. And if you got a lot out of this, please hit Like, and we’d love to hear your comments and answer your questions below.