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How Girls Know You're A Wuss When You Approach

Aug 21, 2015


What simple mistake am I making with my feet in this video that will make the girls reject me?


My Female Trainers swimsuit model Nevena, and lingerie model Jacquie and I show you how to avoid being instantly rejected when you approach beautiful women.


We then show you exactly where to stand so that beautiful women think you're a cool, confident guy. A man they WANT to talk to when you meet them.




James: Hey, James from Social Coach and I’m here with two of my Female Trainers Nevena and Jacquie.


Today I’m going to share with you one of the biggest mistakes I see guys making when they are talking to women, particularly with attractive women.


It’s like 90% of the guys in bars, parties, nightclubs, at business conferences or networking functions are making this mistake.


The best way to explain it to you is actually to show you, so I’m going to approach the two ladies.


James: Hey guys, how are you doing? I’m James. Who are you?

Jacquie: Hey, I’m Jacquie.

James: Nice to meet you Jacquie. And your friend?

Nevena: Hey, I’m Nevena.

James: Hey Nevena, nice to meet you. So, Nevena how was your day?

Nevena: Yeah, um, not too bad.

James: Fantastic.


Anyway, we would continue on with the conversation. Now, that wasn’t too bad an approach as far as approaches go but I’m making one really big mistake. Can you see what it is?


The mistake is I’m so far away from them and the way I teach this on my Bootcamps – I have a concept I call the “Foot Party” – now if you look at where my feet are in relation to the girls I’m a metre away, in the case of my left foot, whereas the girls feet are barely 6 inches apart.


So, if you want to fix this what you have to do is what I call “join the Foot Party”. Where I want to be, if I want to talk to these two girls is here. I want my feet to be close to equally distant to theirs and now I’m part of this group.


Now, when I teach this a lot of guys ask, “Isn’t it too close? I don’t know them. I just feel a bit uncomfortable”. That’s the idea, you want to make them feel like you do know them. I approach girls sort of with the assumption that they are already my friends. This makes me appear much more confident.


What actually happens, if you are too far away – this sounds a bit wanky, hippy, mediation-y but if I’m here and they are that close I’m almost creating an energy leak from the interaction that after awhile gets a bit weird and gets a little bit uncomfortable.


So, Nevena I just wanted to get your opinion, a guy – a good looking guy, well dressed, you could be attracted to him – comes up and starts talking to you and he is just a bit far away from you and your friend, what’s that like for a woman?


Nevena: I definitely think it makes him seem like he is not particularly confident and if we were in a bar it would be really easy for me to shut him out and just continue speaking to my friend.


James: So there you have it – next time you are talking to attractive women don’t forget to join in the “Foot Party”. If you got a bit out of this, please like the video. We’d love to read your comments and answer your questions below.


Bye for now!