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[Case Study] I'm 40 Years Old & Finally Becoming A Man

Jan 11, 2019


Here’s a short video John a 40 year old Engineer who, following is Breakthrough Bootcamp, feels like he is finally becoming a man.


“It totally transformed my way of seeing the world. It was like swallowing the red pill in The Matrix. You see everything differently. You understand. You see the signals. It's a totally different world.


Hope you find his story inspiring.



Hey, I’m a 40 year old engineer. So, before Social Coach, I had a really big problem with approach anxiety. Hard to approach people and girls and know what to do how to escalate and how to, you know, go from meeting a girl and to go all the way to the bed. I didn’t know the steps. When I felt that I wasn’t really man enough, a real man should know all these steps.


Because of all these problems, I have had, you know, sessions of depressions, it's been hard and I’ve been struggling a lot doing anything I can to remove these mental blocks and I’ve tried a lot but I haven’t really succeeded. And this program of Social Coach really focused on the core, the problem of removing these mental blocks that I’ve been spending so much time and energy to remove. Thanks to Social Coach! I’m 40 years old now and I’m finally becoming a man.


So what the Bootcamp did for me was it totally transformed my way of seeing the world. It’s like, it was like swallowing the red pill in the matrix. You see everything differently. You understand. You see the signals. You see… it’s a totally different world. And as well you get excellent feedback on this kind of small problems or in my case bigger problems in your style with eye contact, body posture, and just the way to speak. So it was excellent feedback.


Then the other thing was this excellent, you know, practice with the models to actually do it and they train your muscle memory so you will remember it forever. If you just study something, read the book, watch a video, it’s totally different. But when you actually do it, then you’ll learn and you can do it in real life and you did it in real life. That’s something amazing. So I feel so much more confident like I’ve grown as a person and I’ve developed my skills and freedom.


So it’s been an amazing ride to just see myself confidence growing and boosting. Then I feel kind of free that I’m finally, I’m finally being able to be myself not being stopped by these mental blocks. It filled a lot of holes in my knowledge. And also the Bootcamp, I just see that I’m transforming to another person. I wish I knew this when I was 20.


Yes, the courses at Social Coach, they seemed very expensive in the beginning and it was very hard. It was a hard decision to be able to make the decision to go them but still, deep inside myself, I knew that was something that I had to do. And even though it was a lot of money, it’s definitely worth it because this is, this will change your entire life. They will make you a new person and better yourself and you can’t really put a value on how much benefits you will have, it will have on your life when you have the skills and you are able to implement them.


So everyone, I really recommend you to… to do this course. So, thank you very much James and Rebecca and everyone at Social Coach. I see things differently now. And this helped me to finally become or I’m becoming my true self and help me to develop as a person and just be more free and to be myself.