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Are All Aussie Men Cowards?

Aug 15, 2012

Is This Your Dream Girl

She’s a 5’9”, 23-year-old French Belgian brunette with huge luminous green eyes. Her mouth is enormous and you’d be hard pushed to find fuller lips on a white woman, anywhere. If she directs a full-blown smile your way your heart will skip a beat.

Her skin and long hair are perfect and actually seem to glow. She’s slim, slightly athletic and her breasts are so large that you can’t quite understand how she manages to walk around upright.

If her beauty suffers a single flaw it’s that her posture is slightly hunched over. A habit picked up at puberty to reduce her constant shame whenever strange guys catch a glimpse of her. Men stop dead in their tracks and their jaws drop directly to the ground whenever she ventures out in public.

Oh, and for those of you that care, she’s about as sweet and feminine a woman as you could find anywhere. Plus she spent years studying dance and is well-read and well-traveled. She’s just 23 and has already lived in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina and (obviously) Belgium.

Oh, and by the way, beautiful French Belgian girls often have all the allure of beautiful French women, without arrogance.

Who No Australian Man Is Interested In!

I’m talking to her on a low slung couch while we drink tea and coffee together.  I’m trying to find out if she’s currently seeing someone. Hot Tip: Many women this hot will seldom offer you anything in the way of signals that they are actually interested in you. Why should they? Virtually every man they talk to would give up a kidney to spend a night with them, so their mere physical presence is a big enough “indicator of interest” in you.

“So what do you think of Australian men so far?” I ask.

“Oh, they look nice. Very fit and athletic but I don’t think I’ve talked to any for very long, at least up until now.”

“Really? How come?”

“I’m not sure. I guess Australian boys just not like my look.”

I’m flabbergasted. Is she out of her friggin’ mind! She’s one of the 10 most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in Sydney.

“Um, don’t you think they are maybe just a little shy or timid, like the English men?”

“I’ve never thought of that. But um no, not really. I just think they don’t really like my look as much as men in other countries.”

I look her dead in the eyes, “Trust me, every single heterosexual man on the planet loves your look, especially Australian men.”

“Thank you”, she says with a sweet smile, “but I’m not sure. In all the other places I’ve been men are constantly coming up to me and saying hello, asking me what my name is, asking questions about me, what I’m doing or about my family. Whereas only the Brazilian and French men have come up to talk to me here in Sydney.”

“Don’t you see lots of guys looking at you?”

“Well, maybe some of them look. But as soon as I look back, they quickly look away. Like they’re embarrassed or something”.

Yes, Australian Men Are Romantically Clueless Cowards

Anyway, hopefully you get the point. After living in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina and Belgium (predominantly Latin countries) Sydney, Australia was her first taste of “English Speaking” culture, and our romantically pathetic and cowardly men.

She’s been living in Sydney for more than six weeks and has had virtually no interaction with any Australian men, despite being out and about most days and many nights.

Beautiful Women Rarely Get Normal Men Making Sincere Approaches

There is a belief that beautiful women are constantly being hit on by men. Having asked dozens of women about their experiences (including many professional models) I just don’t believe that to be the case in the US, England, Canada or Australia and a fair chunk of Western and Northern Europe.

Let me assure you, there are tens of thousands of hot young tourists and students and hundreds of thousands of desirable Australian women going about their day just praying that some guy looks at them and holds their eye contact. And then comes up to say hi, ask their name and start a pleasant conversation. A guy who actually can actually show some initiative, take the lead and makes something happen.

And if you can do all this and just dress ok, so many of these women will go on a date with you, and if you plan the date well many will come back to your place and have sex with you.

All You Need Is 4 Easy To Learn Skills

Eye contact


Building a good conversation

How to plan a successful date

And if you’re not as ugly as Quasimodo, you’ll slaughter most rich, handsome and/or tall guys and get more great girls than you’ll know what to do with.

So, stop living like a coward. It’s just so easy in this country because the majority of men are pathetic. They have none of these skills, and never actually approach any women–unless they’ve had at least 10 beers and a few shots.

So just go out and do it!

Please note the picture above is not the women referenced in this article. The image is of a dear ex-girlfriend of mine with very similar features.