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Why Nice Guys Have No Hope

Oct 08, 2012

Women often ask themselves on dates, "If I sleep with him tonight, will he still respect me in the morning?".

But the next time you're on a 2nd or 3rd date with a girl you really like, I want you to ask yourself...

"If I don't try to sleep with her now, will she respect me in a relationship?"

Conventional dating wisdom suggests a 'gentleman' will happily take a lady on 3 or more dates prior to having sex.

And sure, most women do not want to be used simply for sex. They definitely want to feel like they know a guy and he appreciates them as a person before taking it to the bedroom. But if a girl you want as your girlfriend sees you are prepared to wait patiently for sex on her terms you could be sowing seeds for a difficult relationship. One where she wears the pants, not you.

The crucial point here is that all women dream of being swept off their feet by a strong, confident man. They want a man who knows what he wants in his life and takes action to go out and get it. This includes getting the women he wants.

Women are not attracted to some pathetic wuss who is nervous when he meets her, then takes her on candlelit dinners, buys her gifts and compliments her endlessly. She knows he only does this hoping that the 'Law of Reciprocity' kicks in at some point and she offers up some sexual favours in return for all his neediness. Whoops, I meant 'niceness'. This is not attractive!

People are generally good but most will eventually take advantage of any major power imbalance in a relationship; employers, wealthy countries, the rich and powerful and attractive women exploit naive or weak men. How many bosses will happily pay a young, bright hard worker just $50,000p.a. when he knows that person deserves $100,000p.a. for their efforts. It doesn't necessarily make them bad, it's just human nature.

This is especially true with beautiful women exploiting weak or naive men.

Women's 'social intuition' advantage over us dimwitted men is staggering. An attractive woman can effortlessly wrap men around her little finger. And most guys will have no clue. These girls have been practicing on Mummy and Daddy since they were toddlers.

Indeed, she is constantly testing to see what sort of a man you are. If you don't have the skills and courage to sleep with her quickly, you will likely become her doormat or her meal ticket in a relationship, or worse marriage. This is the fate that befalls so many men today, especially so if you happen to be financially secure and better than average looking.

If you want happiness and great relationships with women, be prepared to fearlessly and unapologetically go after exactly what you want. Yes, this includes sex on the 1st or 2nd date. Check out my Free Kiss Test Report: How To Know When A Girl Is Ready To Be Kissed, A Risk Free Proven Technique For Dating Success!

When it comes to waiting patiently for sex, this whole 'be a gentleman thing' is nonsense.