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The Secret To Life: Memento Mori

Jan 24, 2013

You notice a cute girl...

You see a beautiful girl look at you for a full 2 seconds. She quickly looks away and then darts her eye straight back to you for a moment.

So what goes through your mind?

“What if she doesn’t want to talk to me?”

“What should I say to her?”

“She’s too beautiful to be interested in me”

“What if she has a boyfriend and he’s with her?”

“I just can’t do it. I’m too scared”

“I’m a failure”

“I am a pathetic wuss”

The next time you’re too scared to talk to a cute girl who held your eye contact for 2 or more seconds, remember these words:

MEMENTO MORI - The Reason to Act NOW

"Memento Mori" was on my screen saver for years when I was a mid 20’s Financial Analyst working in a windowless office. People used to say I was weird when I told them what it meant. Lots of people laughed at me.

Not many of them would laugh at me know. 15 years later they’re still working in the same style office, 40-70 hours a week. I've travelled for 7 years–been nearly everywhere, done everything I can think of and received the greatest life education possible; dating amazing women from over 30 countries (in their own countries).

I now do super high karma work that I love and that I believe does incredible good for the world.

This is all because I confronted my many fears and insecurities. I failed. I looked stupid.

Sometimes I even humiliated myself, but thinking about "Memento Mori" kept me going. I made myself do the things that really hurt the most.

Things like asking a girl I liked out on a date or trying to start a conversation with a beautiful women sitting near me at a restaurant.

I took myself out of my comfort zone, over and over again. I searched for teachers and role models who could help me. I grew as a human being.


MEMENTO MORI - Your short life

I once calculated that we will probably live for around 750,000 hours.

That’s it. No more.

Life doesn’t sound much when you put it like that does it?

Some of you reading this are already halfway through. If you’re 40, you’re down to just 350,000 odd hours (please write this number somewhere you’ll see it every day).

Now keep in mind that you will be asleep 30% of this time, too old or young to really care for another 20%.

Another 40% at least you will be in working, studying or doing the things you are forced to do to survive and keep going on this earth. God, you’re down to 75,000 hours already.

Many of you will enjoy the responsibility of caring and providing for your lovely family for a huge chunk of what remains.

So for the tiny, sliver of time in your life that you are free to be a vital, carefree single man, don’t waste a single moment. Don’t let a single opportunity go by.

MEMENTO MORI - Go talk to that beautiful woman

Go talk to that beautiful woman!

Yes, you may come across as too nervous and fail. She might say, “um.. sorry I have a boyfriend”.

You might miss some of her non verbal clues and she might even have to say, “sorry I am busy right now, I really need to finish doing X, Y or Z”. Ouch!

Memento Mori - Woman In Shower

Before this “horrific” thought sends you back to pathetic wussdom, vividly picture this beautiful girl standing in your shower in 3 days time.

Imagine her arms raised, her firm breast tissue undulating as she works the last remaining trickles of shampoo from her long luscious hair. The white foam slides down the entire length of her glistening, wet, naked, nubile body.

She then opens her eyes and catches you blithely ogling her magnificent breasts.

You see her pupils dilate with excitement and arousal. A smile like an 8 year old holding her new puppy on Xmas Day takes over her face. She yanks you into the shower with her for a pre-work quickie…

MEMENTO MORI - Think of what you’re missing out on because of FEAR

What!? You’re going to give up a chance of seeing this, every single day of your life because you’re scared of hearing the words, “uh sorry, I've got a boyfriend”.

This from the lips of some hot girl you’ve never seen before and you’ll probably never see again in your life?

Even after she invited you over with her eyes?

F**k approach anxiety! F**k rejection!

F**k “I can’t think of what to say to her”.

Try, “Hi, how are you?”, with a big smile. Then ask her some decent open ended questions to find out if she is as interesting as she is gorgeous.

MEMENTO MORI is my favorite saying. It’s Latin for:


So, be a man. Stop being a wuss.

Go now. Don’t you f**king start thinking!

Just go. Yes, right f**king now!

Get out and take what you want in this life.

Take your life and destiny into your own hands!

Right now.

"For one day you will die.." (Latin translation of momento mori).