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Quick Guide To Flirting Cheat Sheet

Oct 08, 2012

It's easy to get nervous and tongue-tied when you suddenly find yourself in front of a beautiful woman.

Just remember to follow most of these steps and you should be able to project a calm confident demeanour. You might even get a bit lucky!

1. Hold eye contact a higher percentage of the time than you usually would.

2. Position your body and direct your energy towards her.

3. Use open, friendly and welcoming body language - hands by your sides and open palms.

4. Smile!

5. Project lots of fun, warm friendly energy. Imagine you're a golden retriever dog, running around at a family BBQ.

6. Touch her lightly in non-threatening areas like the shoulders or forearms.

7. When your conversation is comfortable and the girl appears to be enjoying herself, offer a sincere, personal, non-sexual compliment. Perhaps on her intelligence, nice energy, style, grace or how interesting or funny she is. Note any personal similarities or commonalities she shares with you.

8. Stay silent and calmly hold eye contact for 5+ seconds in a friendly, non-threatening manner. Now, evaluate her feedback;

- Does she hold you eye contact?

- Does she keep her body position and body language open?

- Does she keep smiling?

- Is she welcoming your light touching?

- Does she touch you back?

- Does she welcome your compliment/s?

- Does she say something nice in return?

- Is there a change in her body language; improved posture, playing with or flicking hair, head tilts, grooming, pupils dilating?

Keep in mind some people are more open and outgoing than others. Also consider the situation; someone might really like you but not want to show this much at their work.

If you can tick off a few of the above, try to;

9. Increase the percentage of time you hold eye contact

10. Increase the frequency and duration of your touching

11. Hold direct eye contact without talking for 8+ seconds, slowly drop your eyes down to her lips then back up to her eyes. Smile and hold her gaze some more.

At this point there should be an explosion of sexual tension!

If so, congratulations! This girl is welcoming your advances.

Too easy.

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