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6 Things You Must Know About Sex: Part 2

Jan 03, 2013

The greatest thing you can give to a woman is lots and lots of powerful orgasms. Advertisers, the mainstream media and many women will try to convince you otherwise but I believe they are either naive or lying to you.


You can bring a woman to orgasm in many different positions if you’re a highly skilled lover. You’ll need a good understanding a woman’s mind, body, the angles of penetration and the effects you are achieving. On top of this you’ll need to be sensitive to woman’s sexual and emotional responses.


Don’t ever forget, women are remarkably complicated creatures. Every single woman is different. Each woman wants and enjoys different things. And each of these things can change from week to week with the same woman.


So, I recommend guys who are not already completely confident in the bedroom primarily focus on 3 positions to bring women to orgasm. These are:


  • Missionary With Her Legs On Your Shoulders
  • Doggy Style
  • Her On Top (And In Control!)


On my Advanced Bootcamp I actually demonstrate these 3 positions with one of my Female Trainers on a bed (clothed!). I go into extreme detail as to what I’m doing and why, plus answer your questions. I give you incredibly powerful skills, insights and distinctions for each position.


Then, you get to hear directly from a super cute girl exactly how my sexual techniques make women feel and why they work so well. We’ve transformed many a student from a hopeless, needy looser into a multiple beautiful woman juggling stud quickly with our practical training in sex and woman’s sexual fantasies.


This live training is 100 times more powerful than anything I can say with the written word. But, hey, lets give it a try…


4. Missionary With Her Legs On Your Shoulders

Skill Level 8 – Results 10

  • Best for romantic intimacy, and powerful orgasms for her
  • Great for men concerned about small penis size
  • Has produced the greatest ‘spiritual sex’ moments of my life


This position enables deep penetration and allows kissing, strong eye contact and physical closeness, while targeting her coveted g-spot. It’s the Rolls Royce of sexual positions! You can even stimulate her clitoris with your hand, at the same time, once you really know what you are doing.


You’ll need to start this one off slow and gentle–this is a vulnerable position for women. It can be very uncomfortable for her to begin with. Warm her up with regular missionary position before you lift her legs over your shoulders. Some girls will resist, others may hold you back to control the depth of your thrusts. Some less experienced women will report a feeling very similar to needing to urinate and may want you to stop.


If she is hesitant take it extra slow and let her control your hips and penetration. If she is just not into it at all switch to something else and try again later.


For men concerned about penis size this is an excellent position to master as it offers deep penetration. A guy with just an average sized penis can find he is hitting the back of many girls.


To get the maximum benefits of this position your girl will need to be flexible (yogis do it better!). You need to be fit and strong. The firm pillow, mentioned in Part 1, will be your close friend here.


For the Advanced guys, lucky enough to have another woman with you; tie your girl’s hands behind her or better still to the posts of the bed, lay her on her back, then have your third party work her clitoris, kiss her lips, neck and roll her nipples with fingernails.


Let long soft hair caress over your girl’s neck, face and chest while you piston in and out of your lady while her legs are on your shoulders. For many women sex doesn’t get any better than this. It ain’t too bad for you either.


Mirrors are highly recommended here.


5. Doggy Style

Skill Level 5 – Results 5 

  • Low skill level required, yet delivers powerful orgasms
  • Dominant position; she’ll feel feminine & you masculine
  • Suffers from a distinct lack of intimacy


Doggy style is another excellent position for stimulating her g-spot. It’s possibly the easiest “active” position for inexperienced men to give women orgasms. However, it suffers greatly due to a distinct lack of intimacy, as it usually involves minimal eye contact, physical closeness or kissing. I would not recommend this as the ‘main event’ with a girl you really like. Mix it up with more face-to-face positions.


Before you start you need to be sure she is sufficiently aroused as the deeper and more stimulating g-spot sensation can often be annoying before it is pleasurable. It is especially important to find and maintain a steady thrusting rhythm she enjoys as there is little feedback from eye contact. It also is difficult for her to control or moderate your thrusting.


Doggy can get tiring for you kneeling on the bed. Try kneeling her on the edge of the bed while you thrust standing up. I usually throw on sport shoes, sandals or flip flops for extra grip on carpet. And yeah, I sure do look ridiculous in the mirror but the results are well worth it.


This can be an excellent way to keep going in doggy for 30 minutes or more at a time without getting tired. That’s long enough to give many women an orgasm or two that requires minimal skill level from you compared to most other positions.


More Advanced Guys should try doggy style with her laying flat on the bed. You might tie her hands behind her back with a silk scarf. In this position it’s great to press fairly hard with the heal of your hand into her upper, mid and especially lower back muscles – Thai massage style – while thrusting. She might also enjoy you grabbing a handful of her hair (gently at first!) at the nape of her neck.


With all doggy variations don’t forget to play with her breasts, clitoris, stroke her body and kiss her neck whenever you can.


6. Her On Top (And In Control!)

Skill Level 2 – Results – 8

  • Great for her climax and little skill required from you
  • Requires ejaculation control and some staying power
  • Best PC (Pubococcygeus) muscle workout ever


Many women report that being on top is usually the best position for them to orgasm. She can take complete control of speed, rhythm, depth and angle.


Telling guys to encourage her to get on top seems like a bit of a no brainer. But so many guys who you’d think would know about this stuff have no clue.


If you’ve got a hot girl on top of you try hard to keep her there. Women in our consumer society can be extremely insecure about everything when it comes to their bodies and sex. Believe it or not, sometimes the most beautiful women are the most insecure.


It is your job as a man to lead and keep her feeling desired and sexy. Play with her breasts, caress her legs, stomach and her thighs. Hold her hands or rest your hands on her hips as she thrusts. Whatever you do don’t lie still and say nothing like a dead fish.


Most importantly give her lots of eye contact and verbal encouragement. Tell her how hot she looks and be specific; breasts, stomach, lips, eyes etc. Actually with most women, use the colloquial terms; f***, tits, ass, pussy in the bedroom. Don’t talk like an overeducated, verbose wuss in the bedroom, like I sometimes do.


If she has a body she’d be OK with in a swimsuit, stick a mirror in front of her. Contrary to popular opinion most girls (with a decent body) like to watch every bit as much as men.


Give her plenty of feedback about how going it is for you. Tell her which positions and angles you enjoy the most. Don’t be afraid to make some noise. She’ll really appreciate this and will then want to spend much more time riding you.


For the Advanced Guys; if you have strong PC muscles ‘Her On Top’ is the time to show it off. You’ll get the ultimate PC workout at the same time. Tense your PC muscles and hold for as long as you can. Then contract as hard as you can for a second or two, then relax completely. Repeat. Strengthening your PC muscles like this will give you longer more powerful erections.


Many girls will love the feeling of you jerking around inside while they’re riding you. I sometimes hold my PC muscle for minutes at a time. As a result, ‘Her On Top’ is the only PC exercise I’ve done in nearly 10 years.


Try different things to change the angle of your pelvis and therefore the angle of your erect penis for her. You can put your hands under your bum or use the firm pillow from Part 1. Try chairs, couches and gym equipment. Exercise balls can be fun and a great muscle workout to boot.


Oh, and one huge tip–you sitting in the middle back seat of your car is a woman’s ‘her on top’ dream, because of the myriad of different angles of entry you can easily achieve. Car sex is not just for teenagers!